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Enjoy the traditional Chinese massage in Haarlem!! Find our location in Damstraat 6, Haarlem (next to the Teylers museum).

We are a team of qualified and knowledgeable professionals. Our staff are very skilled for a healthy and relaxing massage.

A visit to Si-Si massage salon is a really relaxing experience you will not soon forget. It is a journey of endless enjoy where you are acquainted with the oriental atmosphere. Would you glow with the energy again? Did you forget everything? So can you get back to the world?

After a hard-working day, do you want to massage your shoulders and back with pleasure? Also your feet, hands and your head are to be relaxed. That is really a fantastic experience. Your stuck muscles are loosened, your stiff joints are unloaded and your blood circulation is promoted. A Chinese massage takes the stress away. Therefore you sleep better and live better. See for yourself!

After the treatment you will feel bursting with energy again. It is as if you are just back from a vacation. The stress is gone and the fitness is back. You will feel like you can have the whole world.

A regular visit to the sauna is healthy for young and old, it is a pure relaxation for body and mind. Treat yourself a sauna. Take the time to occasionally relax at this extremely healthy way to get away from the daily grind.


New Year Discount

* Every 10th massage free !!!
(*) Above prices are valid till June 1st, 2017

Massage 30 min € 25
Massage 60 min € 40
Massage 90 min € 60
Massage 120 min € 75

Chinese Body Massage
(without or with Chinese herbal massage oil)
Massage 30 min € 25
Massage 60 min € 40
Massage 90 min € 60
Massage 120 min € 75

Additional TCG treatment(every 15 min)
Cupping and massage  € 35 per half hour
Gua Sha and massage € 35 per half hour

Additional Treatment
Manicure € 20
Pedicure € 35
Applying nail polish € 10

Short Therapeutic Treatment
Head / shoulder / back etc. 30 min € 25
You can buy a gift from us!

Opening Hours and Access

From 10:30 to 23:00
From Monday to Sunday whole week

We are open every day, please contact us if you wish to make an appointment.

Note: You can park in the “De Appelaar” parking garage. Our massage room is only 50 meters to the garage, left to the Damstraat!

On the A9 take the exit to the Halfweg / Amsterdam / Haarlem and at the junction of the Rottepolderplein, follow Haarlem (A 200).
Continue on the road from Haarlem to Amsterdam (N200). At the end of this road, turn right (Muted Oostersingelgracht) at the Amsterdam Gate. About 170 meters, take the first left exit (Papentorenvest, going along the Dome Prison).
On the Catharijnebaan Bridge (over the Spaarne), turn left (Koudenhorn), continue to follow the road along the river(in time called the Spaarne). You can park in the “The Appelaar” parking garage. Our massage room is only 50 meters to the garage, left to the Damstraat!
Si Si massage salon can be reached by public transport. From Haarlem station, it is about 10 minutes walk through the Jansweg, Jansstraat, then go left to the Short Jansstraat, then go right to the Bakenessergracht until the end. When seeing Spaarnestad, turn right. Si-Si massage salon is on the opposite of the Teylers Museum.

Phone: 06 – 863 88 979
Damstraat 6
2011 HA Haarlem

More About Massage

Traditional Chinese Massage
By special Chinese circulation techniques, your energy flow is turned on. This treatment has a beneficial effect on both mind and body.

Foot Massage
Reflex areas in the feet are connected to all parts of the body. Using printing techniques on these reflexes, one can reach the affected parts.
Warm spices and oil massage.

Through this therapy, skin is sucked with a special portion vacuum. Muscles and skin are treated well, while being supplied with blood. This makes the body drain waste much easier.

Through scraping at certain points of the skin, your body finds a more intensive way of massage place.
Pedicure / Foot Care